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Why IvyWise Test Prep & Tutoring?

Educational and admissions success cannot be achieved without academic excellence. After all, students are applying to schools to further their academic pursuits, and these institutions need to see that students can excel now and in the future. IvyWise provides tutoring and test prep services to ensure student transcripts and test scores are as strong as possible – but that’s not all. We want to see students improve all areas of academic enrichment, including support for independent projects and skills development.

We offer everything students need in-house to create a seamless, integrated experience that allows for maximum outcomes with limited stress. Families can mix and match tutoring and test prep services to meet their exact needs at any point in time, with counselors and tutors working together to track student progress. Focus solely on SAT prep for a few weeks, then switch to math tutoring ahead of a final exam while adding in some skills coaching sessions in between. The possibilities are endless and designed to ensure that students are getting the support they need when they need it.

We Get Results

We don’t just know the tests and subject matter. Our tutors have a demonstrated record of helping students identify, meet, and exceed their goals with customized curricula. On average, students who complete 40 or more hours of tutoring with an IvyWise tutor increase their SAT scores by 200 points and ACT scores by 6 points, but we have seen committed students raise their scores by as much as 650 and 14 points, respectively.

Wide Range of Services

Admissions committees evaluate students holistically, so grades and test scores are not the only thing they consider. IvyWise offers a variety of tutoring services to help students develop their soft factors as schools seek “pointy” students with defined interests. This includes support with project mentorship, skills coaching, writing development, and more.

Unparalleled Expertise

IvyWise Tutors have an average of 15 years of test prep and tutoring experience and have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized tests they teach. They are subject matter experts well-versed in various curricula, from AP to IB and A-levels, and are masters at creating customized plans and timelines to maximize grade and score increases.

Integrated Support

IvyWise tutors and counselors work together as a team to create customized tutoring plans based on your student’s needs and learning styles to help them reach their goals. With direction and oversight from your counselor and dedicated client relations manager, your student’s tutoring, test prep, and independent intellectual pursuits will all be seamlessly integrated into a customized recommendation for maximum impact.

Customizable Tutoring and Test Prep Options to Meet Your Every Need

We are the one-stop for everything students need to succeed academically while providing families with concierge-level service, shepherding them through the process from beginning to end. The flexibility of services is complemented by the ease of our virtual sessions. IvyWise tutors are well-versed in creating engaging and impactful virtual learning experiences in order to maximize outcomes. IvyWise tutors can support your student regardless of location, format, subject, or grade level with our customized virtual and concierge in-person options.

Test Prep

Standardized tests are important in the admissions process whether your student is applying to private elementary or secondary schoolcollege, or graduate school. We’re here to take the pressure off and ensure students perform at their best on test day. IvyWise tutors develop customized test prep plans for each student, guiding them through the nuances of the exam, content, test-taking strategies, and more to help them improve their study habits, manage their stress, and, ultimately, reach their goal scores.

Every student who works with IvyWise is given a free testing diagnostic to provide an individualized assessment and recommendation on which tests to take and how to prep. Throughout their entire test prep program, students also receive regular official practice tests with detailed score reports that are evaluated by both their counselor and tutor to help make adjustments to their ideal test prep timeline. But we don’t stop there. Universities also look at AP/IB scores, A-levels, and other exams like the TOEFL and GRE Subject Tests, when applicable. IvyWise provides test prep support for all of these exams, ensuring students maximize their performance and chances of admission.

College Entrance Exams

AP/IB Exams
A Levels

Graduate School Entrance Exams

GRE Subject Tests

Elementary and High School Entrance Exams


Academic Tutoring

Grades are the most important factor that admissions committees consider when evaluating applicants. IvyWise provides expert tutors in every subject for every level, whether your student needs help with elementary math, high school physics, or college and graduate-level language courses. IvyWise also provides support for high-achieving students with additional enrichment opportunities to help them build upon their strong academic foundation. Our tutors are graduates of top universities, have advanced degrees, and have extensive experience tutoring the subjects in which they specialize.

Math & Science
Computer Science


US History
World History
European History
Writing & Composition
Government & Politics

Skills Coaching

Success inside and outside of the classroom requires academic and executive functioning skills that should be developed early. IvyWise has a team of tutors that are expert skills coaches, working with students at every grade level to help them develop the academic skills needed to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Skills coaching helps students develop and hone the foundational skills necessary to excel, from learning how to study and improve writing skills to effective planning and time management. IvyWise expert skills coaches work with students to help them become intentional learners – paving the way to achieving their academic and admissions goals.

Academic Skills
Executive Functioning
Study Skills
Time Management
Organizational Skills
Critical Reading
Expository Writing
Personal Narrative Writing
ESL Support

Project Mentorship

In addition to academic excellence, admissions committees also want to see students who are eager to explore and pursue their intellectual interests. IvyWise tutors have a variety of backgrounds and specialties in subject areas and can guide students through a unique independent project in their field of interest from concept to completion that they can include in their applications to boost their profile. Some mentorship project ideas include:

Develop a simple iPhone app or game with Swift

Create a basic computer game using Python

Learn and create financial models in Excel

Research and write a blog about science, technology, and medicine

Produce a professional script for stage or film

Create a cross-media collection of “flash fiction”

Write a sonnet-cycle chapbook

Create a social media account for a historical figure

Engage and immerse yourself in language and culture through social media

Research, publish, and submit a piece to an academic journal

Concierge Tutoring

IvyWise tutors work virtually with all students, but some families prefer an in-person tutoring experience on their own schedule and at their preferred location. Whether for a week of in-person tutoring or a full year of academic help, with concierge tutoring services, a dedicated IvyWise tutor will work with you anywhere in the world. IvyWise’s concierge tutoring is a premium service wherein families cover travel expenses and accommodations for their in-person tutor for whatever length of time their student needs. This is ideal for students who need additional support during the academic year, ongoing support during school breaks, or focused, intensive tutoring or test prep for an upcoming exam.

Our Tutoring Expertise

The IvyWise Tutors  are the best of the best and have an unsurpassed track record. Our tutors have an average of 15 years of experience and are subject matter experts with advanced degrees in areas like executive functioning, literature, and math. Our test prep tutors have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach and are graduates of some of the world’s top universities.

Meet a Few of Our Tutors

Carl F Circular

Carl F.
Specializes in ACT and SAT prep and humanities.

Meet Carl»

Specializes in math and physics.

Meet Eleanor»

Specializes in executive functioning.

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FAQ About Test Prep & Tutoring

Do You Need Tutors to Be Successful in College Admissions?

Yes! Admissions officers look at grades and test scores when evaluating applicants, and having a strong academic record along with solid college entrance exam scores is necessary to go from the “no” to the “let me think about it” pile. The best way to prepare is to seek support from a tutor for SAT/ACT prep or to help you reach your academic goals

How Does Online Tutoring Work?

Online tutoring works like any other form of tutoring – it’s just online. Our tutors are experts in online learning and utilize technology to make lessons fun and engaging.

Watch a short college prep tutoring demo with IvyWise.

What Does a Tutor Do?

A tutor helps students learn academic concepts and improve their academic performance in school and on exams. They can be teachers or professors who help students understand concepts better. 

How Long Is a Tutoring Session?

A tutoring session can last between one and one and a half hours. Our expert tutors can tailor session length to the student’s preferences, workload, and attention span. 

How Should Students Approach Test Prep?

The best way for students to approach test prep is to start early, study regularly, practice questions, and review concepts. It can take time to see results, so we encourage students to get started on their SAT/ACT prep as soon as possible to identify the best-fit test for them and have ample time for prep. If you want to reach your grade and score goals, you must put in the effort and work hard. 

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