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IvyWise provides test prep in New York City for high school students preparing to take the SAT tests and ACT tests. With IvyWise’s test prep programs you are receiving premier tutoring and the support of our dedicated client relations team in New York City.

With our SAT Test Prep tutoring program, students based in New York City are given a free SAT testing diagnostic. Students preparing to take the ACT tests are also given free ACT test prep diagnostic. The diagnostic tests are scored and analyzed by our team of experts in SAT and ACT test prep to provide each student with a personalized metric of their performance. We give recommendations on which test is most appropriate for their abilities. High school students preparing to take the SAT test or ACT test should take the test they will do the best. Our test prep tutors are based in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Island.

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About IvyWise: Our SAT Prep and ACT Prep Gets Results

IvyWise tutors have rigorous experience with standardized tests, achieve superior results, and stay up-to-date on all testing changes and methodology. Our tutors have an average of 12 years of tutoring experience, and have scored in the 95th percentile or above on the standardized test to which they teach. IvyWise tutors are academically gifted and have a demonstrated record of helping students identify, meet, and exceed their goals. We provide complementary diagnostic exams to assess your student’s starting point and use those results to formulate a personalized plan to address your students areas for improvement. We continue to use diagnostic exams throughout the tutoring program to monitor your student’s progress throughout the length of the tutoring program. Our proprietary curriculum allows for a customized approach that gets the results needed to help your student meet his or her admission goals.

On average, students increase their SAT scores by at least 200 points after working with an IvyWise tutor, but we have seen committed students raise their scores by as much as 650 points. ACT score increases typically range from 4-14 points.

College Entrance Exams Prep for NYC

We don’t just know the test – our tutors have take the SAT and ACT tests and aced them. Our tutors have scored in the 90th percentile on either the ACT or SAT standardized tests and have at least 10 years of experience tutoring for exams. IvyWise tutors take the SAT and ACT standardized exams regularly and stay on top of testing trends and strategies.

IvyWise has test prep experts in New York City to help you prepare for:
SAT Test Prep in NYC
ACT Test  Prep in NYC

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