Harvard Acceptance Rate for College Admission

Harvard’s acceptance rate was 5.2% for 2016. The Harvard admission rate has been below 10% for almost 10 years now. Harvard University is a highly-selective Ivy League university with a very low acceptance rate. Almost 95% of applicants to Harvard are rejected every year.

At IvyWise, we have a team of expert college admission counselors who can help students navigate the college admissions process to Harvard and other highly selective universities with low acceptance rates. Over the last five years IvyWise students have had an average acceptance rate to Harvard of 27%, compared to Harvard’s average five-year acceptance rate of 5.7%. IvyWise counselors can help students seeking admission to Harvard and other Ivy League and highly-selective colleges.

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About IvyWise: Our College Counseling Gets Results

IvyWise college admission counselors have over 200 years of combined experience. IvyWise college admission counselors are all former deans and directors of admission at highly-selective colleges and universities. Students who work with IvyWise are more likely to gain admission to their top-choice colleges, and significantly more likely to gain admission to highly-selective colleges like Harvard.

On average, 27% of IvyWise students gain admission to Harvard, compared to 5.7% of all Harvard applicants.

Average Acceptance Rates