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It’s never too early to set your children on the path to success. At IvyWise we offer services to help students build strong foundational skills to set them up for success in primary, secondary, and higher education.

Build a Strong Educational Foundation with IvyWise

Let’s get back to the basics. Academic and personal success doesn’t just happen – students need to develop important foundational skills in order to lay the groundwork for future achievement. We’re not just helping to develop good students – we’re helping to develop good citizens who are lifelong learners and are prepared, emotionally and academically, to succeed in primary and secondary education – setting them on the path to higher education. Honing social-emotional, academic and executive functioning skills are the keys to unlocking students’ potential and setting them up for success now and in the future.

IvyWise’s Elemental Guidance can set your child on the path success, whether they’re in first or 8th grade, with a variety of developmental, academic, and admissions counseling programs. IvyWise has been in business for over 22 years and our team has helps students of all ages achieve their goals through our proven methodology.

70% of college admission officers said a student’s character attributes were important in the admissions process.

Where Do I Start with Elemental Guidance?

Elemental Guidance isn’t one-size-fits-all, but there are general tracks that families can follow depending on their needs and goals.

Elemental Skill Development

First, let’s lay the groundwork. Your IvyWise counselor will serve as a mentor for your student, helping them develop the elemental skills needed in order to be successful in all personal and academic endeavors – setting them on the path to college in a stress-free and practical manner.

Social-Emotional Development: From building relationships with peers to learning how to manage emotions like stress, anxiety, confidence, joy, and more, social-emotional development is key to building maturity needed in order to create and obtain goals, whether inside or outside of the classroom, and reinforce cultural humility and empathy.

Academic Development: Strong foundations in academics include, at a base level, developing curiosity and a love of learning. We want students to be perpetual learners – always pursuing new knowledge. In more practical applications academic development also includes building strong foundations in reading, writing, math, and more.

Executive Functioning: Social-emotional and academic development are incomplete without the capacity to organize, manage time, and learn how to function overall as a motivated and successful student.

Primary/Secondary School Placement

Next, or in conjunction with the foundational skills guidance, we can help your family find the best-fit primary or secondary school and guide you through the admissions process from start to finish.

Admission to private, boarding, and independent schools is very different than the usual college admissions process, with greater emphasis placed on the family unit as a whole and the student’s social and emotional development outside of academic achievement. Interviews and recommendations are important components of primary and secondary school admissions – things that students can’t influence overnight. Your student’s IvyWise counselor will work them to ensure that they are not only academically prepared for the primary or secondary admissions process, but that they are presenting their best self throughout the process. They will also work with your family to:

Explain the K-12 application process
Develop a strategic admissions plan
Help plan and prepare for school tours
Prepare for interviews and playdates
Brainstorm and edit essays
Choose a top choice, write a top choice letter, and more

Middle School College Readiness

The path to higher education starts well before senior year of high school. We’re developing that strong foundation and honing the softer skills, but now it’s time to start narrowing our focus toward college prep and readiness. Through IvyWise’s Middle School College Readiness, your student’s IvyWise counselor(s) work collaboratively with your family to ensure a seamless transition from middle school into high school and beyond. Students benefit from IvyWise’s comprehensive college counseling services starting in middle school all the way through the college application process senior year of high school.

Academic Enrichment

Is your student not reading at grade-level? Having a hard time with math concepts? Or just not engaged in their classroom learning? IvyWise’s team of expert tutors can help get your student back on track, with academic enrichment in all academic subject areas from kindergarten through middle school, aimed at helping them prepare for secondary/upper school courses. Our expert tutors are subject-matter experts in every academic course, with experience tutoring students from every grade level. They will work with your student to identify areas of weakness and develop a strategic plan to help them reach important academic milestones, ensuring they are prepared for the rigors of secondary school when the time comes. Tutors are matched with students based on the subject area students need assistance with, as well as fit, teaching style, and other parameters. IvyWise tutors can also assist with comprehensive standardized test preparation for the ISEE, SSAT, and more.

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