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Interview With a Current IvyWise student: Isabel Roth

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Interview With a Current IvyWise student: Isabel Roth

Q. Where will you be going to school next year? What led you to choose that school?
A: I’ll be going to NYU (admitted Early Decision.) I chose NYU because of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study, the only school I know of where you can create your own major. I also liked NYU because of its location. I’m not one of those kids who looks for the typical college experience. Rather than having a college campus or small college town to live in, the students are completely integrated and it feels almost as if you live in an apartment and happen to take classes in New York. I’m looking forward to this type of maturing experience, as well as the excellent job and internship opportunities available to me.

Q. What was the application process like for you?
A: The application process was actually relatively easy for me because I worked with Katherine towards the end of summer and completed the majority of my essays. This made my school year less stressful; I could focus purely on my schoolwork. It was done in such a step by step process that I never felt that rushed or stressed about it.

Q. How was IvyWise able to help you through the application process?
A: Although I had my few “for sure” first choice schools as most people do, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for other than that. IvyWise really helped me find other colleges that I was interested in. In addition to this, I would not have known where to start with the large pile of essays I had to write. Their step by step approach made it all seem less overwhelming. The part I found most challenging about the whole process was actually just sitting down to start something, like an essay for a college that was not my first choice. Katherine helped me by breaking the task into smaller tasks – first just research the college, then do the essay in totally note form and work from there.

Q. What was the best piece of advice your IvyWise counselor gave you when working on your essays?
A: I don’t recall one specific piece of advice that stood out because there were a lot, but I can surely say that one of the most important things she stressed was my research. The research really shows in the “Why you want to go to their school” essay. I feel like Katherine’s emphasis on research made my essays stand out from the rest.

Q. What was the best thing about working with IvyWise?
A: It was obviously very personal and extremely organized. The organization helps so much because the whole process can be a little hectic sometimes.

Q. Do you have any words of advice for anyone entering the college admissions process?
Relax. You’re 17.