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Volume 9, Issue 5

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges for Equestrians

In May the most famous jockeys and racehorses saddle up for one of the biggest racing events in the US, the Kentucky Derby.¬†While the races are an exciting time of year and allow horse lovers of all ages the chance to cheer for their favorites, there’s more to equestrianism than fancy hats and race day fun. There are many facets of the horse business that require extensive education and experience.

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Spotlight on Latin American Studies

Latin American studies is an exciting and unique concentration that gives students a specialized global perspective. In these programs, students study the politics, history, culture, and language of Latin American countries and become experts on the many intricate and fascinating aspects of these nations.

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IvyWise Grad Gift Guide 2013

Graduation season is here! As students and families celebrate this amazing milestone, and prepare to go off to college in a few months, many use this as an opportunity to commemorate such an achievement.

Fun graduation gifts are a great way to mark this joyous time, but also give college-bound teens something they can use come this fall. Need some ideas? Here is the IvyWise Grad Gift Guide for the Class of 2017!

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