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Volume 9, Issue 4

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges for Green Living

Springtime is here, everything is in bloom, and with that comes an emphasis on protecting Mother Nature we love so much! Colleges across the country are implementing more green technologies in order to have environmentally-friendly campuses, and for some students an emphasis on green living is an important aspect of campus culture.

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Tips to Prepare for AP Exams

AP exams take place in May each year, and students must prepare and organize a school year’s worth of material into a manageable study schedule before the exams. Doing well in an AP course may raise a student’s GPA, and by earning a 4 or 5 on an exam, students can even receive college course credit before stepping foot on a college campus.

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Summer Activity Planning: How to Make the Most of Your Break

You may be thinking that summertime is perfect for relaxing in the sun, hanging out with friends, and taking a break from school, but when it comes to college admissions, summer vacation is a crucial time for planning and working on application materials. Furthermore, summertime is an excellent opportunity to explore personal interests that can be emphasized on college applications.

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