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Volume 8, Issue 3

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges to Celebrate Women’s History

Though it may seem hard to believe, the topic of women’s history is a relatively recent addition to higher education, having been largely absent prior to the 1970s. To address this issue, the Education Task Force of California established Women’s History Week. Strong support eventually led to Congress declaring March as Women’s History Month, and today thousands of events celebrate the accomplishments of female leaders in various fields. For students interested in women’s history and gender studies, Dr. Kat and the expert counselors at IvyWise have identified a list of colleges and programs that would make Susan B. Anthony proud.

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Wait and See? Tips for Getting Off the Waitlist

As another admissions cycle comes to an end, many colleges are reporting another rise in applications. Yale University had a 5% increase in applicants for the Class of 2016, the University of Virginia experienced an increase of nearly 18%, and Grinnell College in Iowa reported a 52% increase! According to The Washington Post, “The spike isn’t because there are more high school graduates applying to college – it’s because students are applying to more schools than ever before. And it’s sometimes difficult for admissions officers to predict exactly how many admitted students will enroll.”

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