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Volume 7, Issue 7

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges for International Relations

With the International Day of Peace observed around the world on September 21st, now is a great time to reflect on equity, culture, and the outcomes of foreign policy. In an increasingly global environment, international relations is becoming more relevant and popular as a course of study at colleges throughout the U.S. If you dream of being a United Nations ambassador, a volunteer for the Peace Corps, or maybe even the President of the United States, the expert counselors at IvyWise have compiled a list of schools where you can get a global perspective on cross-cultural interactions.

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Letters of recommendation, especially those from your junior year teachers, are a key component of your college applications. Colleges recognize that your teachers spend significant time with you and, therefore, trust them to provide a candid picture of who you are as a scholar and a person. The expert counselors at IvyWise have compiled the following tips to help you develop teacher relationships and leave a positive, lasting impression that will help you get those glowing letters of recommendation.