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Volume 7, Issue 5

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges For an Animated Experience

In recent years, animated films such as The Fantastic Mr. Fox, Toy Story 3, and Despicable Me have been met with widespread enthusiasm and unprecedented box-office success. In fact, Toy Story 3 was Disney’s most successful release ever and the fifth most profitable motion picture of all time! This year’s abundance of animated releases, including Rio, Cars 2, and The Smurfs, among several others, along with innovations in CGI and 3D, indicate that neither the industry, nor the technology are letting up anytime soon. Animation has become increasingly available as a course of study at colleges throughout the US, offering students a combination of artistic and technical disciplines. With widespread relevance from TV and film to computer programs, video games, and even architecture, medicine, and engineering, if you are considering a major in animation, the expert counselors at IvyWise have drawn up some schools to consider adding to your college list.

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Score Big in the Athletic Recruitment Process

Do you dream about sinking that winning buzzer shot in the Sweet Sixteen tournament? How about celebrating New Year’s Day with a touchdown at the Rose Bowl? While nearly 60 percent of U.S. high school students participate in athletics, according to the NCAA, only between three and 10 percent of those students (depending on the sport) will compete beyond the high school interscholastic level. If you want to get your game on in college, many schools offer club and/or intramural sports programs in addition to their NCAA Division I, II or III varsity sports teams, giving students of all interests and skill levels an opportunity to play. For those students who are interested in or considering athletic recruitment for varsity sports, the experts at IvyWise are here to address some of the most common myths about the process so you can get the ball rolling:

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