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Volume 6, Issue 8

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges for a Major in Government

The election results are in and whether or not your preferred candidate won the race, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the excitement of campaigns and politics. Students can discover or pursue their political interests in college by taking political science courses, government courses, and volunteering on local politicians’ campaigns. Political science is one of the 10 most popular majors in the US, according to Careerbuilder.com.

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Community Service: Quality v. Quantity 

As admissions experts, we are often asked, “How many hours of community service is enough?” It’s crucial to understand that community service is not about the quantity of hours spent, but rather the quality of those hours you’ve devoted. Some high schools require students to participate in a certain amount of service. In some cases it is required in order to graduate! Therefore your 100 hours may be seen as more or less impressive than another student’s 100 hours, depending on your high school’s requirements and the resources available to you.

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Up-and-Coming Majors

Juniors, you may have just started to dig deeper into colleges to which you are applying. You should be exploring schools on your preliminary list through campus visits, on-line research, and speaking with students and alumni. It’s not only important to find a good fit socially but also academically; you should make sure the schools you’re looking at have your possible major (or majors). If you’re undecided, that’s okay! You may not have been exposed to an area that suits you, or perhaps your interests cross multiple fields. The counselors at IvyWise have put together a list of unique or nontraditional majors that are growing in popularity.

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