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Volume 6, Issue 7

Dr. Kat’s List: Five Schools Where You Can Find Nobel Prize Winners

It’s nomination season! We’re not talking the Oscars or Senate offices. Nobel prize winners were announced last week. When Alfred Nobel signed his will in 1885, he set aside the bulk of his fortune to fund the prizes and the Nobel Foundation was founded in 1901. The prize is awarded for outstanding achievements in physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. The internationally acclaimed award is presented every year in Stockholm, Sweden. Each winner receives a medal, a personal diploma, and a cash award. We’ve put together a list of schools where you’ll have a good chance of crossing paths with past or even future winners, whether they are in the classroom or in the dorm room down the hall!

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Listen to Your Gut, Not Your Friends: Choosing Your College List

So, you’ve begun developing your college list. Hopefully, you’ve established your priorities and started your research. Looking over your preliminary list, you can’t pinpoint why several of those schools are even on your list in the first place. How could you forget about your parents adding two of their top choice schools for you? While it’s great to get feedback on your college list, and your parents play an important role in the college admissions process, we do not advise letting your friends and family determine what you do with the next four years – let alone the rest of your life. Here is a list of reasons why you should go with your gut when creating your college list.

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Should You Apply Early Decision? Early Decision Plans Explained

As you’re researching schools on your college list, you may come across unfamiliar terms, such as Early Decision, Early Action, and Single-Choice Early Action, among others. These are application options that differ based on the deadline, response date, and your commitment to attend the school, if accepted. Deciding which path to take involves research into school policies, not to mention preparation! Students who are considering applying early should understand the differences among plans, the potential outcomes, and the choices that students can make.

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