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Volume 6, Issue 6

 Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges for Aspiring Engineers 

If you’re interested in problem solving and finding creative approaches to common dilemmas, you might want to consider pursuing an undergraduate degree in engineering. Engineers tackle real-world problems (like the BP oil spill!) and are responsible for finding answers as varied as the dimensions of a bridge, the density of traffic, the depth of waterways, or the complexity of cell growth. Forbes.com recently reported that engineering is the best-paying job for recent college graduates. You can study engineering at almost any major university or at a number of specialized colleges, like the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, for example. Students usually begin studying engineering in college and can continue their studies by obtaining advanced degrees. As for undergraduate options, the expert counselors at IvyWise and I have created a list of schools for burgeoning young inventors, innovators, and engineers to consider.

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Rising Seniors, Get Ready for Application Season 

In April, we gave you tips on how to have a successful summer, and this month we have one more. Many IvyWise students have been working with their counselor to finalize their college lists and build resumes. They will begin drafting their personal essays later this summer. However, if you have not gotten started on any of these items, you can use the summer to catch up on the application process and even get ahead!

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Location, Location, Location! Tips to Help Guide Your College Research

For many students, college is a time of exploring new opportunities, learning more about themselves and determining the impact they want to make on the world. Interestingly, where your school is located can have an effect on the opportunities available to you. Read on to learn how location plays a role in your college experience and the location factors to consider when creating or narrowing down your college list.

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