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Volume 6, Issue 4

Dr. Kat’s List: Top Colleges for Saving the Environment

Sustainability has become a hot topic in the past few years, and with the 40th anniversary of Earth Day coming up this month, everyone is talking about reducing their carbon footprint. We’ve compiled a list of schools that strive to be environmentally friendly, facilitate “green” volunteer opportunities, and provide an academic setting focused on sustainability. If you’re passionate about saving the planet, or just interested in learning more about using less, these schools might give you the knowledge you need to go green. Check them out!

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It’s No April Fools Joke – Dealing with Admissions Decisions

It’s April and admissions decisions have finally arrived! After months of waiting, the envelopes, skinny, fat, and electronic are finally here. The expert counselors at IvyWise have cooked up some advice for a few of the possible admissions scenarios you may be facing.

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How To Make a Splash This Summer

The temperature is climbing and summer is around the corner. While summer is a respite from the busy academic year and you should take time to relax, you should also consider using the uninterrupted time to your advantage by focusing on activities that challenge you. Summer presents many great opportunities for students to develop their interests and goals – travel to a foreign country, continue training in your favorite sport, make up a class or gain extra credits in summer school, start a business, get an internship, or join a community service organization. Read on for some top ideas for students, and don’t forget that you can talk to your counselor for more information on summer programs, classes, or activities.

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