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Volume 6, Issue 1

 Dr. Kat’s List: Keeping the Faith 

Some students are selecting faith-based colleges as a way to better focus on their studies or delve deeper into exploring their religious beliefs, all while experiencing a top-rate education. There are many reasons to choose a faith-based education, and some of the top schools in the nation provide one. With students, staff and faculty living, learning and praying together, a faith-based campus often fosters a deep sense of community.

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Get Facebook Savvy 

Even though it started as a site for Harvard students, Facebook is now open to everyone, which means that it’s easy for anyone to sign up, search for, or even “friend” you. These friends can have more access to your profile than someone who is not a friend, and that’s an important distinction to remember, as it could potentially lead to trouble with the admissions process.

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 Xbox 101: Major Changes in Gaming 

Gaming has gotten serious. That’s right, what used to be the bane of your teachers and parents is now leading the academic forefront at some schools. Many students are taking the plunge and moving from being video game players to being industry designers and developers. According to the Entertainment Software Association, “a record number of colleges, universities and other institutions of higher learning (254 in 37 states and the District of Columbia) now offer courses and degrees in computer and video game design, programming, and art.”

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