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Volume 5, Issue 6

IvyWise Holiday Gift Guide 

It’s December, and many students are receiving their results this month if they applied early. Whether they’re celebrating like crazy, or need some cheering up, we’ve cooked up a few gift selections that will please the future college student on your list. Parents, we didn’t forget you. Scroll down to see holiday gift ideas for Mom and Dad.

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What’s a Red Flag and How to Take It Down: Making the Most of a “Problem” Application 

The application process is nerve-wracking for everyone, but you probably have less to worry about than you think. For starters, the B+ you got freshman year isn’t a Red Flag and the one tardy from last semester isn’t going to have admissions committees raising their eyebrows anytime soon. However, there are some issues that stand out on college applications, such as inconsistent information and disciplinary infractions. We’ve listed some of the major Red Flags here. If you are concerned you’ve got a “problem” application, then read on – IvyWise counselors also offer tips to help you conquer the Red Flags.

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Dr. Kat’s List: Top Colleges Where Students Change the World 

For many students, giving time and service is not just a great way to spend the holidays, it’s a way of life. I’ve rounded up and compiled this list of schools where students are encouraged to get involved and shape the world around them. These schools aren’t just for community service superstars; they’re great for students interested in broadening their experiences and learning about the world from a different perspective. Many of the undergraduates at these universities choose to extend their service efforts beyond graduation, and go on to join Teach For America, the Peace Corps, or Americorps. These programs are great career-launchers and offer full-time, paid service opportunities either locally or abroad. In short, if you’re interested in schools that may provide you with some great tools to help the community, you just might want to add these universities to your college list.

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