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Volume 5, Issue 5

Dr. Kat’s List: Best Colleges for Future Professors 

If you’re passionate about learning, colleges will not only want to accept you – they’ll want to hire you! A career as a college professor means flexible hours, sharing your discoveries with eager young minds, and opportunities to study, research, and become an expert in your field. Not to mention those four special syllables: sabbatical. If you think you want career in academia, there are top-notch opportunities to be found across the country.

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The Truth About Affirmative Action for Men 

In 2006, Kenyon College’s Dean of Admissions, Jennifer Delahunty Britz, wrote a New York Times editorial apologizing “To All The Girls I’ve Rejected” – those female Kenyon applicants who were denied admission in favor of what are now considered rare and valuable male applicants.

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Want to Transfer Colleges? Here’s What to Do Next

As first-year college students near the end of fall semester, sometimes they find themselves faced with minor, or even major, doubts about the school they are attending. Perhaps a “dream school” isn’t living up to expectations, or a life as an engineer isn’t really all that appealing after all. So is the grass really greener on another quad? If you find yourself pondering the idea of transferring, we’re here to help. Before you subject yourself to another round of grueling applications, we suggest you read through our tips and take some time to evaluate how you really feel.

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