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Volume 5, Issue 4

Dr. Kat’s List: Colleges to Meet Pro Athletes 

Picture this: you’re watching the Super Bowl on your big-screen TV. A player from your favorite team scores the winning touchdown. When he rips off his helmet, you say: “Hey, that guy was in my Russian Lit class!” Whether you’re looking to hobnob with future sports stars or become a pro-athlete yourself, here are five schools where athletic programs spur students on to major league success:

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Best Buys for Top Students

Although many highly selective private colleges offer need-based aid, families who do not qualify for financial aid are faced with the daunting task of paying more than $50,000/year for their child to attend. And the picture isn’t pleasant at prestigious state flagship universities. Although in-state students can take advantage of the best bargains in higher education, the picture is bleak for out-of-state or international students. These students face not only competition for limited out-of-state spots, but also tuition costs that can make state schools financially comparable to private colleges.

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Not Just Business as Usual: Exploring an Undergraduate Business Degree 

Despite the recession, a business education is still a hot commodity – and if you’ve found yourself glued to MarketWatch.com, thinking about how to launch your great business idea, or wowed by the impact of Twitter and Facebook on customer service, you might want to consider a school with an undergraduate business program.

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