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Volume 5, Issue 2

Dr. Kat’s List: Great Colleges for Connecting with Loyal Alumni

Seniors are finally graduating, and very soon some will attend colleges with alumni networks that are stronger than those of other schools. Throughout my time in college admissions, though, I’ve noticed a few colleges where graduates really go above and beyond to help one another out – an undoubtedly useful quality when students need help getting a foot in the door.

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Should You Consider Dual Enrollment for Next Year?

By the end of the school year, most students are grateful to get away from the stress of school. Still, some might feel that, rather than being too difficult, their high school does not offer courses that are challenging or interesting enough. But there’s a simple way to fix this problem. Students from a diverse range of academic backgrounds may take advantage of dual enrollment programs, through which qualified high school students take college courses while in high school. These college courses fulfill high school graduation requirements, and may even be used as credit towards an associate or bachelor’s degree, depending on where you attend college. In the end, dual enrollment could even help you and your parents save money on college tuition.

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Great Gifts for Graduates – With Something for Everyone’s Budget 

It shouldn’t take a whole lot to get your seniors excited about going to college. For most of them, the reward of attending college will feel like enough of a gift. Still, you’re proud of their accomplishments and actual gifts can be a nice way to celebrate your child’s journey and share together in the excitement. They needn’t be expensive, these gifts, they just need to be special – here are a few personal suggestions to get the ball rolling and your creative juices flowing

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