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Volume 14, Issue 5

5 Ways Students Sabotage Their College Prep Without Even Knowing It

By Christine, IvyWise Premier College Admissions Counselor

Preparing for college (and indeed for life!) requires steady effort throughout high school. However, even the most prepared of students can inadvertently hurt their college chances by making simple mistakes that are easily avoidable!

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3 Simple Rules For Continuing Test Prep Into the Summer

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

Although summer break is meant to be a time to relax, recharge, and develop interests through summer activities, these three months also hold the potential to destroy carefully laid preparations for college entrance exams. It is important for college-bound students to keep their brains academically sharp during the summer months so that they’re ready for the rigors of SAT or ACT testing come fall.

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Are You Ready to Start On Your College Apps This Summer?

Summer break is right around the corner, meaning there are only a couple of months left before current juniors wrap up the school year and become the next class of college applicants! Now’s the time for juniors to evaluate where they are with their college prep and if they’re ready for the next step – starting on college applications over the summer.

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Graduate School Admissions: Building A Balanced Grad School List

Applying to graduate school is an intensive process, and whether you’re a current undergrad considering your post graduate options or a professional looking to go back to school, the most important preparation you will do for the graduate admissions process is building a balanced grad school list.

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