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Volume 14, Issue 3

Test Prep 101: How to Crack the Most Difficult SAT and ACT Math Questions

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

The SAT and ACT Math sections can be intimidating for many students – even those who do very well in their high school mathematics classes. However, the reality is that both the SAT and ACT test math concepts that high school juniors have typically already covered in their high school math courses. So, in some cases, it’s not the material that students struggle with, but how the questions are presented on the exams – which differs greatly from what is traditionally tested on high school math exams.

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6 Questions to Ask Your College Counselor This Spring

Admission decisions may be coming soon for college-bound seniors, but for high school juniors, sophomores, and even freshmen, the college prep process is still top of mind, and there’s a lot that students can do before the end of the semester to get on track for their college goals. One of the most important things that students can do this spring – no matter what grade they’re in – is meet with their college counselor before the end of the semester.

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Recruited or Not: How Sports Affect College Applications

By Meg, IvyWise Premier Admissions Counselor

When watching the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, I was in awe of the high school-aged kids like Chloe Kim and Red Gerard on Team USA. How do they balance their intensive training and extensive travel schedules with homework and school commitments? Surely being an Olympic athlete is impressive, but how do sports affect the college admissions process for regular students?

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Visiting US Universities as an International Student: What to Expect

For international students applying to US universities, it’s important to visit, if possible, and ensure that they’re the making the most of their time on campus when they do. There’s a lot that international students need to be mindful of when planning visits to US universities – both before and while they’re on campus.

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