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Volume 13, Issue 7

6 Questions for International Students Applying to US Universities

By Scott, IvyWise Premier College Admissions Counselor

All too often when I get to the critical question of why a student is interested in a particular school, international students tell me they like an American university because “it looks like what I’ve always imagined university to be.” Sure, being as far away from home as possible and feeling like you’re living on a college movie set can be a great plus. But if you’re an international student thinking of applying to university in the US, there’s more to consider than the adventure of it all.

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How to Read Your ACT Score Report

By IvyWise Master Tutor

The most important piece of information that students will receive after taking the ACT is their Score Report. The ACT Score Report is multi-faceted, and contains information that not only lets students know how they did, but also understand their specific and relative strengths and weaknesses to help guide their preparation for the next test sitting. So how can students and parents use this information to improve their scores in the future?

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Building a Resume for College Applications: Where to Start

The summer is a great time for students to catch up on their college prep, including pulling together some materials that will be helpful when it comes time to fill out your college applications. Putting together a resume of your activities, awards, internships, and more is a great way to organize all the information you want colleges to know – and set you up for a smoother college application experience.

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Legacy Status in College Admissions: Does it Improve Your Chances?

There are many nuances to the college admissions process, and one of the aspects that can be hard for students to navigate is whether or not applying to their parents’ alma mater will impact their chances of admission. Legacy status in college admissions can be a confusing avenue to travel, but there can be some benefits – and drawbacks – to applying to college as a legacy.

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