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Volume 13, Issue 4

Wait and See? Tips for Getting Off the Waitlist

As another admissions cycle comes to an end, many colleges are reporting record numbers of applications for the class of 2021. Yale University saw a 5% increase in applicants for the class of 2021 and MIT experienced an increase of 6%. Unfortunately, despite an increase in applications, many colleges are not expanding their freshmen class size, and with more students applying to more colleges, yield rates are becoming more and more difficult to predict each year – often leaving schools with empty seats once final enrollment deposits are in.

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Do You Know How to Evaluate Your Financial Aid Offers?

By IvyWise Financial Aid Experts

For those who were accepted to your top-choice colleges, there is surely excitement, but there can also be uncertainly about where to enroll, especially when financial aid is a major concern. Navigating the financial aid process and making decisions based on your financial aid awards can be confusing, but it’s not unmanageable.

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Test Prep 101: Preparing for AP Exams

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

With spring comes long-awaited admission decisions, but it also brings along AP exam season – and students should be preparing now for these long and intensive exams.

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Rejected? Here’s What to Do If You Were Not Accepted to College

Once again, many colleges and universities reported record-high application numbers for the class of 2021, and record-low admission rates. Unfortunately, rejection in the college admissions process is a hard reality that many students must face. In some cases students can be left with few college options, but there are actually a number of routes that students can take to ultimately fulfill their college dreams.

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