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Volume 13, Issue 2

7 Things High School Juniors Need to Do This Spring to Prep for College Admissions

By Ashley, IvyWise Principal College Admissions Counselor

Just as hard as it is to look outside in the middle of winter and imagine tulips popping up in nearly two months, it may be hard to comprehend that less than one year from today, current high school juniors will have submitted all of their college applications. These last few months of your junior year involve critical steps that can make or break your chances of admission to the most selective colleges and universities, so make sure you’re prepared.

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Get your ACT Together: How to Prep for the ACT Math Section

By Priyam, IvyWise Master Tutor

The ACT is an important exam and your score will be used not only for college admission purposes, but also to determine qualification for scholarships and even course placement. Your performance on the ACT Math section may be particularly important for admission into a technical school or a quantitative major. So if you choose to take the ACT, how should you prepare for the math section?

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It’s Never Too Early to Start Planning: Top College Prep Tips from Former Admission Officers

What’s the best way to increase your chances of admission to your top choice colleges? Start planning early!

Many families don’t start planning for college until junior year, and by then many students have missed valuable time to develop teacher relationships, explore interests, take challenging courses, and more. By starting to think about college freshman year of high school – or even in 8th grade – students can set themselves up for a rewarding high school experience and a successful college admissions process.

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How Can Students Craft an Extracurricular Project Plan?

It is widely acknowledged that demonstrating interests through extracurricular activities is a critical element of a robust college application, but students and parents are often unsure which process to follow. I encourage students to identify an interest and use it to build an extracurricular project plan. Projects should be selected based on fit, have a mix of milestones ranging from easy to difficult, show a clear link to each other, and incrementally increase in independence & difficulty.

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