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Volume 13, Issue 11

The Admissions Rubric 2.0: How College Applications Are Evaluated

When making admissions decisions, colleges and universities in the US don’t just look at grades and test scores. There are a myriad of factors that admissions officers consider when evaluating college applications, and it’s important to understand what colleges are looking for in order to have the best chance of admission to your top-choice colleges.

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What To Consider When Retaking the ACT or SAT

By IvyWise Master Tutor

As we head into late fall, many juniors will be taking the ACT or SAT for the first time, and, some seniors will be taking these college entrance exams for the second, or even third, time. It’s important to keep in mind that regardless of where you are in test preparation, it is a process – one that involves, for most students, taking the test more than once. It’s critical for students to not only prepare for their first sitting of the ACT or SAT, but also any retakes.

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Using Social Media to Supplement Your College Search

By Juaquin, IvyWise Master College Admissions Counselor

The tools students employ today to research colleges are much different from the days of paper applications and slick, glossy brochures. When it comes to recruiting students, colleges are keeping up with social media, and other online tools, in order to market themselves, and students need to know what sources to trust – and how to evaluate the information presented to them.

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Should I Drop Some of My Extracurricular Activities?

Am I doing enough? Am I doing too much? What do I need to do in order to stand out to college admissions officers? These are the questions that high school students often ask themselves, and their counselors, when they’re confronted with the fact that colleges care just as much about what they’re doing outside of the classroom as they do about what students are doing inside.

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