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Volume 13, Issue 1

Test Prep Checklist for Sophomores and Juniors

If you’re not already preparing for the SAT or ACT, now’s the time to get started! The spring semester is a popular testing time, and high school sophomores and juniors need to have a plan in order to prepare for these important college admission exams. An excellent SAT or ACT score is not a guarantee of admission, but it can be the difference between the “maybe” and the “no” pile when admissions officers are reviewing applications.

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There’s Still Time to Apply to College: Options for Seniors After Jan. 1

The regular admission deadline for many colleges has already passed, but there are a number of colleges in the US that are still accepting applications well after the usual Jan. 1 deadline.

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What Happens to Your College Application After It’s Submitted?

By Devin, IvyWise Principal College Admissions Counselor

Have you wondered about what happens to your applications after the submit button is pressed? All those months, or years, of hard work that you have put in to making your application the best it could be is seemingly transmitted into an electronic abyss. It may be tempting to think that all that remains for your application’s future is a roll of the dice – hopefully in your favor – but while you are waiting for your results, your application is taking a long journey and undergoing various processes. I’m here to provide some insight into what happens to your application after it leaves your hopeful hands.

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Social Media Trends in College Admissions: What to Know for 2017

It’s no secret that teens are connected online, with more than 71% of teens using more than one social networking site. As social media becomes more of a staple in everyday life for college bound students, many wonder how social media will affect the college admission process. While social media was once seen as a way to catch “bad behavior” and ruin college chances, it’s now turning into a tool to actually help students improve their chances of admission to their top-choice colleges.

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