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Volume 12, Issue 6

Decoding Your New SAT Scores

If you’ve already taken the new SAT this year, or plan to, you’re aware that the scoring for the test has changed significantly. The scores from the first administration of the test are finally out – as well as the concordance tables – and we have your guide to reading, interpreting, and converting your new SAT scores.

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Working With Your College Counselor: When to Start and What to Expect

Building a relationship with your college advisor is important to ensure success in the college admissions process. Students need to take charge of their admissions journey, and often that means establishing and fostering a professional relationship with their college counselor. This is often students’ first experience setting up meetings, preparing requested materials, communicating in a professional manner, and more – all things essential not only to working effectively with a college counselor but also in preparing for the road ahead!

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IvyWise Gives Back: Counselor Nat’s Dedication to A Better Chance

Positively impacting communities, both local and global, is important to IvyWise. Through IvyWise Gives Back, we aim to improve educational opportunities for children across the world. Our counselors are also heavily involved in various non-profit, service, and community organizations and projects, and we want to highlight the great work our counselors do outside of admissions consulting!

IvyWise counselor Nat is passionate about education and creating educational opportunities for students from underprivileged backgrounds. This is why Nat is heavily involved with A Better Chance of Westport, a non-profit that works with gifted, economically disadvantaged male students of color to provide educational opportunities and community diversity. Read more about A Better Chance of Westport and Nat’s involvement here.

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