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Volume 12, Issue 3

College Prep Tips: What College Admission Officers are Really Looking For in Applicants

For juniors preparing for the college admissions process, there’s a lot to consider when evaluating the strength of your applicant profile. There has been a lot of buzz recently about what colleges can do to alleviate college prep stress, and what colleges are really looking for in applicants today, so it’s easy for college-bound families to get confused by conflicting reports and certain admissions misinformation. Our team of expert counselors is here to set the record straight about what colleges actually want to see in applications and how students can prepare.

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Understanding the Graduate Admissions Process

By Devin, IvyWise Graduate Admissions Counselor

The graduate admissions experience isn’t that much different than the undergraduate application process, but there are several aspects make it special. No matter what the reason may be to go back to school, it is important to understand how and why graduate admissions offices function as they do in order to maximize your chances of admission to your best-fit graduate program.

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How the New SAT Will Affect International Students

As most college bound families know by now, the new SAT (rSAT) will debut this month. The test is undergoing a major overhaul, leaving many students wondering how the new exam will affect their chances of admission to their top-choice colleges. However, the test changes don’t only affect US students. International applicants with hopes of attending US universities are also impacted by the SAT changes.

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