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Volume 12, Issue 2

How to Prep for the Spring ACT

As most families preparing for the college admissions process are already aware, the SAT as we know it, is now gone. Apart from students who get a makeup examination because of test-day weather, the last administration of the SAT in its current form was in January. Now, juniors preparing to apply to college must choose: Take an unfamiliar SAT in March, or take the ACT instead. At IvyWise, we’re advising students to take the ACT, and we have some tips to help you prep.

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MBA Admissions Tips for Working Professionals

By IvyWise MBA Admissions Counselors

There are a number of resources out there that provide tips for undergraduates who have an eye on graduate school after college, but what about graduates who are years removed from academia? For many people, the MBA path isn’t apparent until after they have been in the workforce a few years, and, actually, the ideal time for most people to think about attending business school is with a few years of professional experience under their belts.

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Finding Summer Internships that Match Your Interests

February is the perfect time for students to start planning their summer activities – especially those hoping to secure an internship. Starting early is important, as many programs have application deadlines in the spring, and, since internship opportunities for high school students may be limited, those positions tend to fill up fast. Now’s the time to get serious about your summer internship search!

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