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Volume 12, Issue 12

What To Do If You’ve Been Deferred

Getting deferred from your top choice school can be disappointing, but don’t despair! There are a number of steps that students can take after a deferral to improve their admission chances in the regular round.

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5 Common College Application Red Flags and How to Address Them

Students will spend a lot of time stressing over their college applications, but small mistakes like a typo in an essay won’t send you to the “no” pile – it’s common college application red flags that students need to address in order to improve their admission chances.

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Top Study Tips for Final Exams

Grades are the most important application component that colleges consider, and final exams can have a big impact on your overall course grade for the semester. Don’t wait until the last minute to start studying for finals.

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5 Questions to Help Students Prioritize Passions and Interests

By Emi Nietfeld, former IvyWise student

Passion. People die for it, poets write about it, colleges look for it. Yet, it’s so easy for passion to get lost in the flurry of assignments and deadlines. Finding the time to work on what you love is never easy, but it’s possible.

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