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Volume 12, Issue 1

How to Manage Test Anxiety

The spring semester is testing season! Whether students are preparing for the last administration of the current SAT, the February ACT, or the new SAT in March, test prep and performing well come test day is on the minds of many students this January. Outside of the changes coming to the SAT this spring, there’s another factor that may impact students this testing season: test anxiety. From simple nervousness to crippling dread, test anxiety can seriously hurt students’ performance on in-class tests and college entrance exams. Since grades and test scores are two of the most important factors in the college admissions process, test anxiety can have a huge impact on students’ futures.

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Preparing for Graduate School: Tips for Undergraduate Students

By IvyWise Graduate Admissions Counselors

You made it to college! You’re attending the school of your dreams and enjoying all that the college life has to offer. For most undergraduate students, graduate school is a possibility, but many aren’t sure until closer to application time. By then, you’ve passed many opportunities to work on areas that will influence your application to graduate school. You may or may not be entirely sure which field you’ll be pursuing in a few years, but regardless of this fact, it’s important to get involved the moment you step foot on campus to ensure that you’re making the most of your time in college and that you have best chance of gaining admission into a top-choice graduate school.

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Finding Community Service Opportunities that Match Your Interests

It’s a new year, a new semester, and the perfect time for students to reevaluate their extracurricular activities and whether or not those activities are really helping them better explore their interests. Students often overlook community service as a way to explore their interests because they tend to have a one-dimensional view of what community service entails. If they’re not collecting cans at a food drive or serving dinner at a local homeless shelter, what other community service is there? In reality there are many opportunities for students to make an impact in their communities with service activities that allow them to explore their interests at the same time.

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