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Volume 11, Issue 4

Tips from the Experts: What to Do If You Get Put On The Waitlist

Students and parents usually have a good idea of how to proceed if they receive an acceptance or rejection from a top-choice college. But what should families do if an applicant is placed on the waitlist?

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5 Things to Consider When Weighing Admission Offers

Most admission decisions are in for the Class of 2019, and now that the anxiety of waiting to hear back from admissions offices has passed, it may set into motion a new phase of stress and uncertainty: deciding where to enroll.

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Dr. Kat’s List: 5 Unexpected Colleges for Fashion Majors

Spring is in the air and across the country people are packing away their winter clothes and looking forward to donning brighter summer fashions! This time of year is popular for fashion shows as the style-obsessed begin to see what trends are taking hold in the new season – including students looking to pursue a career in fashion.

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