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Volume 11, Issue 12

Facts about Deferrals: What it Means, Why It Happens, and Your Chances of Admission

For students expecting early decisions this December, it’s easy to imagine how they’ll react to their decision – whether it’s an acceptance or a rejection. But there’s another possible outcome on the table that many students forget to prepare for – a deferral.

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Last Minute College Application Mistakes Students Frequently Make

With admit rates at historic lows and more students applying to more colleges than ever, it’s important for students to make sure they’re submitting the best applications possible. Regular decision deadlines are approaching, and as students work to finish up their college applications there are a number of last-minute applications mistakes that they should be mindful to avoid.

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Transfer Admissions: How Transfer Applications are Evaluated

Making the decision to transfer colleges is not easy. For undergraduates considering a transfer to another university, the thought of going through the admissions process again is daunting, especially with an entirely different procedure to navigate. The transfer admissions process is highly competitive, especially if a student is looking to transfer to a college that is already extremely selective, and how applications are evaluated is very different.

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