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Volume 11, Issue 11

Tips for Students Who Are Behind on Their College Applications

Senior year is flying by, and for students who have yet to start on their college applications, the window to craft thorough, compelling, and thoughtful applications is quickly closing. Many regular decision deadlines aren’t until January 1, so while students starting now are behind those who began their applications in the summer, there’s still time to have a successful admissions season.

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College Admissions Secrets: How the Admissions Committee Review Process Works

By Amy, IvyWise Principal College Admissions Counselor

Gone are the days of paper applications, when admissions offices had stacks of files in cabinets and had to go through them all by hand. In today’s environment, your application is completed, uploaded, and read online. So when all of the required components are submitted, how does your application navigate through the admissions process in the digital age? What materials are filtered by computers, and where does the difficult decision-making happen?

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Social Media as a College Prep Tool

The college preparation process, more often than not, begins with a simple web search. Parents and students have been utilizing the Internet for years as a way to learn more about colleges, what it takes to gain admission, and what they need to do now to help gain an acceptance to a top-choice college. Social media has become the next frontier in the college admissions process, with colleges, parents, and students all signing on in an effort to connect with one another, learn more about each other, and, ultimately, help students gain acceptance to their top-choice colleges.

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