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Volume 11, Issue 1

Choosing the Right Classes: Importance of Course Rigor When Applying to College

As students begin a new school semester, they will soon be meeting with their college counselors to begin planning for the summer and the next school year. One important part of the counseling process is ensuring that students are taking the proper courses that match their academic ability, interests, and ultimately their college admissions goals.

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Spring Standardized Testing: Advice for Sophomores and Juniors

For many high school students, spring semester means standardized test season. Like it or not, these tests are a big component of college applications, and while a perfect score alone won’t get you into your dream college, it is important to do well on these tests in order to have the greatest chance of admission.With changes coming to both the SAT and ACT within the next year, it’s crucial for current sophomores and juniors to know what to expect and how to prepare.

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There’s an App for That! Dr. Kat’s List: 5 Colleges for Computer Science and App Development

These days, with advancements in technology, there’s an app for just about anything, and a need for people to build them. STEM-related fields are seeing a high demand for workers, with jobs expected to grow 17% over the next decade, and as a result, many students are realizing the value of a STEM education – often in terms of ROI and job demand. Computer science and app development are booming fields, and many colleges are catering to those needs with exceptional programs for budding techies. From app and software development to computer programing, here are Dr. Kat’s favorite schools for computer science and app development.

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