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Volume 10, Issue 9

10 College Application Mistakes to Avoid

Just as there is no one path to getting admitted to a particular school, there is no one reason that applicants get rejected. Usually, it is a combination of factors, not all of which are in the applicant’s control. There are, however, many common mistakes that applicants make that can be easily avoided by planning ahead, taking your time, and being mindful of the information that you’re giving to the admissions committee.

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Why Applying Early Might Benefit Your Chances of Admission

One of the most important elements of the college admission process is also one of the most overlooked by students and their parents: Timing. When competing for admission at your top-choice college, it’s not enough to just write a few essays and hit “submit”. There are many nuances that students, parents, and counselors must consider, including whether to apply in the early round or not.

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Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges with Fun Sports Traditions

With the start of the new school year comes an entirely new season of college sports! As one of the most prevalent and exciting parts of the college experience, athletic events bring the campus community together, and often serve as the catalyst for many college traditions. Cheers, chants, and pre-game rituals are customary at many colleges, but these schools have taken it to the next level with some fun, interesting, and unusual sports traditions.

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