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Volume 10, Issue 12

So You Got Deferred – Now What?

As early application decisions are released this December, some students may encounter a strange outcome that isn’t as clear-cut as an acceptance or denial – a deferral. This can be a confusing end result after working so hard on your early application, but luckily there’s a lot you can do to understand exactly what a deferral means and how to improve your chances of admission.

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Juniors: How to Build Your Balanced College List

With so many facets to the college application process, it can be difficult for students and their families to even know where or how to begin. A good starting point- and one of the most important pieces of the application process – is formulating a balanced college list. Junior year is the ideal time to start, as it will leave you time to do your research, visit campuses, and eliminate schools that may not appeal to you as much as you originally thought.

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Dr. Kat’s List: 5 Colleges with Fun Finals Week Traditions

The word “finals” strikes fear in the hearts of many college students, as it’s the culmination of a semester’s worth of work and sometimes the determining factor of a final course grade.

Colleges know the pressure that students are under when it comes to finals, and many aim to curb the anxiety by offering on-campus events to ease the stress. Over the years, many colleges have developed finals week traditions as a way of bringing the campus together and easing the stress of exam time.

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