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Volume 10, Issue 10

How to Write Great Supplemental College Application Essays

Aside from grades, standardized test scores, and your high school courses, one of the most important elements of the college application is the essay. While the Common Application and the Universal Application each has its own required essay, many colleges include their own school-specific essays, known as writing supplements.

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Tips to Ace the SAT and ACT: Develop an Effective Test-Taking Strategy

Even as a growing number of colleges in the US are becoming test-optional, in most cases, SAT and ACT scores are necessary in order to be competitive in the college admissions process. While a perfect standardized test score isn’t a ticket to a best-fit college, it is one of the many components that admissions officers consider, so it’s in a student’s best interest to perform well.

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Dr. Kat’s List: Five Colleges with Famous Faculty

College is where great minds are molded! You never know if you’re sitting next to the next Nobel Prize-winner, global celebrity, or even President of the United States. While you’re likely to share some classes with innovators who will go on to do great things (yourself included!), often times the most famous and influential people you share a course with are the professors themselves!

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