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IvyWise Holiday Gift Guide

IvyWise Holiday Gift Guide

It’s December, and many students are receiving their results this month if they applied early. Whether they’re celebrating like crazy, or need some cheering up, we’ve cooked up a few gift selections that will please the future college student on your list. Parents, we didn’t forget you. Scroll down to see holiday gift ideas for Mom and Dad.

1) The Sony Daily Edition, the Amazon Kindle or the B&N Nook

E-readers have yet to fully revolutionize the market, but with the drop in prices, the rise in number of competitors, and the current rush to bring textbooks to the electronic marketplace, it may not be long until every student has one. The latest models can hold thousands of titles and even download new books wirelessly. With one of these gadgets your daughter can wear the newest mini backpack and still have room to fit every novel she’ll need for English 101.

2) Sony PS3 Slim

The most recent addition to the Playstation line-up, the PS3 Slim, is perfect for tight dorm spaces, while still providing high entertainment value. It’s also the only gaming system to feature a Blu-ray player. And just what is an educational company doing promoting video games? Check out our next issue for a look at the newest development on college campuses: majors for gamers.

3) Rosetta Stone Language Software

If your student plans to major in business, politics, international relations, or even engineering, it’ll pay to know a second language. Right now the hottest languages to learn are Chinese (Mandarin) for business and travel, and Spanish for domestic careers. Rosetta Stone offers both, so give your student a leg up and encourage her to begin learning one of these languages before the start of college.

4) Clocky Alarm Clock

It’s well known that most teens are not early risers. However, high schools typically start between 7am and 8am. The Clocky alarm clock is designed to give teens a bit of extra motivation in the morning – hit the snooze button more than once and Clocky jumps right off the nightstand and high-tails it in a random direction. Kids have to get up and search for their clock if they want to turn the alarm off. Even the groggiest teen will find it hard to get back to sleep after that. Not to mention, this robot contraption was built by chic MIT engineering student, Guari Nanda, a girl who knows the value of getting up early!

5) LeapFrog, Kaplan, iQuest, SAT, ACT, and PSAT Test Prep or Franklin Princeton Review Pocket Prep Interactive Handheld Tutor for the SAT and ACT

While this may not be the most exciting gift to give a student, we guarantee they’ll appreciate it come test time. These pocket-sized units are made for the on-the-go teen who squeezes in debate club between football practice and homework. It’s as ultra-portable as an iPod, and unlike a Lil’ Wayne track, will actually help your son get into the college of his dreams. The Franklin model even offers timed full-length practice tests for both the ACT and new SAT, with answers AND explanations.

Students, let your parents know how much you’ve appreciated their help and support with the application process with these holiday gift suggestions. We’ve compiled a few items that we know will make them smile.

1) Samsung Reclaim Eco-Phone

One of the newest offerings from Sprint, this phone is perfect for the environmentally friendly parent who just got into text messaging. It features a full QWERTY keyboard and a camera, but won’t overwhelm any non-geeks with endless apps and tech specs. The phone is made from 80 percent recyclable materials and some of the sales proceeds go to The Nature Conservancy’s Adopt an Acre program. The best part? You won’t have to work any extra after-school hours – the price tag comes to just fifty bucks with the mail-in rebate.

2) Cooking Classes

Before you know it, high school will be over and you’ll be off to college. Show your parents your appreciation for all the rides to softball practice and those college visits by spending time with them. Not only will they enjoy hanging out with you, but you’ll all learn a valuable skill (making friends at college is a snap if you can whip up homemade cookies). Check out local universities for classes. Sur La Table also hosts cooking classes at many of their stores.Check http://cookingclasses.surlatable.com/browse/locations.jsp to see if there’s one near you

3) Tickets to a Sports Game

Take your dad or mom out to a football game with a favorite team, or better yet, to one of the games at your future school. If you’re staying in-state this will be easy to do and will show your parent that even though you’re going away to college, you two can still have quality time.

4) Nespresso Espresso Machine

You may not like coffee (yet), but if your parents can’t live without it, they’ll love this modern brewing gadget. The sleek little unit uses custom pods to brew up what the company claims is the best homemade espresso this side of Italy. There are Nespresso machines for a variety of budgets, and each one conforms to the same standards for heat and water pressure, ensuring the perfect cup of espresso. There are also many flavors to choose from, all of which can be mailed directly to your house.

5) Official University Gear

Despite all the stress of applying to college, once you know where you’re going, your parents will love to get some gear so they can showcase their pride for your school. Get Dad a ball cap or polo shirt and get Mom a comfy sweater or hip jacket. You can usually order gear through the school’s website, or sites like http://www.collegegear.com.

Lastly, for a gift that will please anyone on the list, the Dr. Kat and IvyWise team suggest the newest product from Flip Video, the MinoHD. It shoots 60 to 120 minutes of High Definition video, fits in your pocket, and even connects directly to your HDTV. This is a great product for capturing those high school memories, creating your own college walking tour or taping graduation.


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