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IvyWise Grad Gift Guide 2013

Graduation season is here! As students and families celebrate this amazing milestone, and prepare to go off to college in a few months, many use this as an opportunity to commemorate such an achievement.

Fun graduation gifts are a great way to mark this joyous time, but also give college-bound teens something they can use come this fall. Need some ideas? Here is the IvyWise Grad Gift Guide for the Class of 2017!

Customized Sunglasses
Students love to show their school pride, and customized outerwear is a great way to do it. Glass-U, created by a former IvyWise student, offers customizable, foldable sunglasses in a variety of school colors. You can also get custom sunglasses with schools colors or logos from other brands like Oakley.

More Collegiate Gear
In our holiday gift guide last December, we highlighted collegiate gear as a great gift for students who already knew where they would be attending after early decisions were released. Now that the admission season is over and deposits are in, any graduate would appreciate logo wear from the school of their choice. Whether it’s a sweatshirt, T-shirt, or some cool decor, commemorate your grad’s hard work with some school pride!

Protective Tech Gear
Laptops, tablets, and other gadgets can take a beating when traveling from class to class with a college student. Preempt any “Mom/Dad, I broke my laptop” calls from campus with protective gear for your student’s electronics. Sleeves like this iPad case made from an upcycled wetsuit or this Philips laptop case with HeatProtect, which protects and cools the device when it gets too hot, are great gifts for college bound kids.

Laptop/Tablet Computer
What’s protective tech gear without the cool gadgets to use it with? For the popularity and portability of a tablet, but the convenience and practicality of a laptop, get your new grad a convertible tablet for graduation. Notebooks like the Microsoft Surface Pro, HP Envy, and the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga allow students the freedom to use one device for all academic and leisure activities. Take notes in class in laptop mode by day and enjoy a good Netflix session in tablet form by night!

Digital Subscriptions
Speaking of Netflix, another great graduation gift for college bound students is a subscription to online TV, movie, and music services. Since many campus dorms might not offer cable TV, and it’s illegal to use someone else’s account, digital subscriptions to services like Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, and HBO Go, are gifts any college freshman would be happy to have. Perfect for taking some much needed breaks between study sessions!

Gift Cards
Gift cards are generally seen as impersonal, but they can actually be very helpful, and practical, for recent grads. Rather than giving dorm-room wish list items that they’ll have to pack and lug to college, gift cards give grads the freedom to get the things they really need on their own time this fall. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express also offer prepaid credit cards that can be used wherever the merchants are accepted. The PASS from American Express is reloadable and allows parents to add value at any time and track expenses. It’s another great alternative to the standard graduation check and students can use it anywhere.

ZipCar Membership
The first year of college living can be challenging, especially when many schools don’t allow freshmen to have cars on campus. An easy rental membership like ZipCar is a great way for first-year students to easily run errands or just visit home for a couple of days. Students can rent cars for just a few hours, or a few days, depending on their needs, and gas and insurance are included! Membership rates can vary, but many times students can get discounts through their college or university.

So whether it’s something practical, techy, or just fun, graduation gifts are a wonderful way to let your college-bound student know that you’re proud of all their hard work. And let your family give another gift that keeps on giving by referring other family and friends who you think might benefit from IvyWise’s services! Contact us today for more information on our referral program, and we wish all of our recent grads well next fall!

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