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Interview With a Former IvyWise Student

Q: What, in particular, drew you to IvyWise?
Well, applying to college was not that long ago for me, and I remember how intense and challenging everything was. Where to apply, what to write about…it’s a lot of pressure for a 16 or 17-year-old. I love what IvyWise can do for students who are in the same boat now, and how easy and (dare I say it) fun it makes the process.

Q: What did you enjoy most during your time working with IvyWise as a hopeful college applicant?
The “Imagining I’m There” exercise was incredibly helpful and fun. A lot of students don’t do enough college research, I think, even if they do visit campuses. The “Imagining I’m There” essay forces you to look into the majors offered at that school, the extracurricular activities you’d join, the places you’d go after class. Not only does that extra effort make a difference in your application, but it makes you a more informed applicant in general-and being informed is so important!

Q: Who should work with IvyWise?
You! Call today! In jest, I think everyone can benefit from working individually with an expert in college admissions. Even if you’re very organized and just need someone to look over your application, or if you feel that you need a lot of help, IvyWise has programs that are geared for everyone.

Q: Tell me about Columbia. How did you end up attending school so far from home and what have your greatest experiences (the good and the bad) been thus far?
My first year at Columbia has been amazing! Going to school in a big city was my dream since I was in elementary school, really. I love living in New York-that there’s always something to do, always something open, always something new. It’s such an exciting place to be a student. Adjusting to city life hasn’t always been easy, but I’m lucky to be in a place that challenges me both inside the classroom and out.

Q: It’s great that you’re so happy with your college choice. What kind of classes or Columbia experiences have you found most exciting and enlightening?
I think it’s important to seek out new experiences and challenge myself. Some of my favorite classes were ones that had nothing to do with my major, like Mind, Brain, and Behavior, a psychology class about how we perceive our surroundings and make decisions. I found decision theory especially interesting, like why our probability estimates when it comes to something like winning the lottery are often consistently faulty. Another one of my favorite classes, Literature & Humanities, is a part of the Core Curriculum and surveys the great works of Western literature. I had the opportunity to read authors such as Homer, Herodotus, Sophocles, Virgil–authors I would have never read otherwise, but who are so vital to the way we write and think today. and some of my most cherished friendships started out as awkward conversations waiting in line for dinner.

Q: What are your future plans (both inside and outside Columbia’s walls)?
I hope to major in Political Science and English. I really enjoy writing, so after my four years at Columbia, maybe I’ll go on to Journalism School and write for a newspaper. Journalism is something I’ve always been interested in. Nothing’s set in stone, though-I’m just 18!

Q: Now for the fun part-any hobbies, pet peeves, or little-known-facts that you’re just itching to share with our readership?
Hmm…I love reading, traveling, and talking politics. My favorite TV shows are Law and Order, for the legal knowledge, and Gossip Girl, for the fashion. I also enjoy playing board games and Wikipedia surfing.