IvyWise Initial Consultation

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is the first step to receiving expert admissions guidance.

What Is the IvyWise Initial Consultation?

The IvyWise Initial Consultation is a detailed service, where your IvyWise counselor will provide a strategic action plan to help you achieve your academic goals – whether you’re figuring out your college plans, trying to make the most of your undergraduate experience, applying to graduate school, or interested in a WiseStart™ program.

This isn’t your typical consultation. The IvyWise Initial Consultation includes an in-depth pre-screen of your profile, a 90-minute meeting, a profile building catalog, and detailed session notes. With the Initial Consultation, you will receive:

  • Expert feedback based on your academic history
  • A customized evaluation and detailed, strategic action plan
  • A profile building catalog tailored to your needs and goals. This can include recommendations for courses, extracurricular activities, summer experiences, reading lists, customized research summaries on schools, and more.
  • A comprehensive standardized testing plan, if applicable

You can enroll in an IvyWise Initial Consultation which can be either a stand-alone service or the first step in ongoing work with IvyWise.

How the Initial Consultation Works

Step 1: Let’s get acquainted!

Contact us to schedule a free Discovery Call with one of our friendly and knowledgeable enrollment coordinators so we can learn a little more about you and your educational and/or admissions goals. We will answer any questions you have about our services and prices, share what you can expect within your consultation, and help you select the best-fit counselor for your Initial Consultation.

Step 2: Set up your profile.

Your enrollment coordinator will create a profile for you in myIvyWise, our online portal, and send secure links for you to log on. At your convenience, you’ll complete your profile, helping us gain insight into your academic and extracurricular interests, independent pursuits, goals, and personality – all the information we will need for the most productive consultation. This generally takes about one hour to complete.

Behind the scenes, we’ll be preparing!

Once your myIvyWise profile is complete, your counselor will create a customized, strategic action plan based on all the information you provided and your educational and admissions goals. Your counselor will collaborate with our expert research team to compile an in-depth profile building catalog, giving you specific suggestions and action items that will help you achieve your goals.

For a more in-depth look at the type of research and recommendations provided in the Initial Consultation, visit our Research page.

Step 3: Let’s set a date!

Once your profile building catalog has been prepared, your enrollment coordinator will schedule a mutually convenient date and time for your meeting. Since we work with families all over the world, meetings are conducted via Zoom.

Step 4: It’s time to meet your counselor.

In your 90-minute meeting, your IvyWise counselor will review your profile and how it aligns with your interests and goals.

  • Admissions Counseling: Your counselor will illuminate how your profile will be assessed within the holistic admissions review process and provide our expert recommendations to optimize your admissions goals – from academic planning for courses and standardized testing to bespoke advice on extracurricular activities, independent pursuits, and summer plans. Your counselor will lay out a timeline and strategy for every step of the admissions process itself: school research, list building, applications and essays, interviews and visits, and more! And finally, they will suggest a program to best support you through the entire admissions process.
  • Academic Advising: Your advisor will explain how your current school and courses align with your academic, professional, and/or graduate admissions goals, and will provide suggestions for adjusting your academic path to get and stay on track with your goals. This includes suggestions on course planning, research and recommendations for extracurricular pursuits on- and off- campus, advice on what campus resources you need to be using, and more. They will discuss how to support you during any challenges you may be experiencing inside and outside of the classroom, and how IvyWise can support you with an ongoing Academic Advising program.

Step 5: Review your Initial Consultation materials and consider next steps.

Following your consultation, you will have access to all the materials reviewed during the meeting, including your curated research and detailed session notes containing your student’s strategic action plan and a bespoke program recommendation. Review and compile any questions you have for your enrollment advisor about how you’d like to move forward.

Step 6: Find the right fit for you!

As the final step of the Initial Consultation process, your enrollment advisor will schedule a recommendation review call to go through your comprehensive admissions counseling or academic advising program options, and answer any questions you have. Your enrollment advisor will work with you to determine the ideal IvyWise program for you, taking into consideration our recommendations as well as your goals and budget. Every student is unique and so is every IvyWise program, which is why we take our time to craft the right solution for YOU!

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