What are Your Goals for 2020?

Friday, December 27, 2019

AdobeStock_307906725Our Suggestions for Academic Resolutions for 2020

With the New Year right around the corner, now is the perfect time to reflect on your academic progress and set goals for 2020. Whether you’re prioritizing test preparation or hoping to boost your grades, every student can benefit from setting resolutions that relate to their academic journey.

In order to navigate the college admissions process seamlessly, it’s important to set realistic goals and put in the work needed to achieve them. Keep reading for some of our top suggestions for New Year’s resolutions that relate to the college admissions process.

Get Your Grades Up
There’s no way around it: grades are the single most important factor weighed in the college admissions process. Every student should strive to maintain a GPA that they are proud of and address any academic difficulties head on. If you are hoping to boost your grades in 2020, take time to reflect on your current study habits and identify any knowledge gaps. Once you’ve identified weaknesses or topics that are particularly challenging for you, take action by reaching out to a teacher or independent tutor. Pencil in time for additional study sessions, monitor your progress and continue to reach out as needed in order to achieve your goals.

Prioritize Standardized Testing Preparation
SAT or ACT scores are another major component of the application review process at many institutions (although an increasing number of universities are going test-optional). Many students find standardized testing overwhelming and stressful, but it is possible to change this outlook with proper preparation. Students who choose to focus on test preparation for their New Year’s goal should take practice tests regularly in order to gain familiarity with their exam of choice. Some students may wish to work with a tutor who specializes in the exam to address personal challenges, create a nuanced study plan and track progress over time. Other students may opt to use test prep books and online resources in order to prepare and stay accountable.

Focus on Best-Fits
Identifying your own best-fit colleges requires thorough research, introspection and self-awareness. Many high school juniors may wish to focus on exploring and narrowing down their future balanced college lists by touring campuses, researching course offerings and reviewing the admitted students’ profiles at various institutions. If refining your college list is at the top of your agenda, strive to learn as much as possible through campus visits, online resources and anecdotal advice from older peers and counselors.

Take Your Passion to the Next Level
Students with defined interests and passions will always have an edge throughout the admissions process. Ideally, applicants will focus on a small handful of endeavors and continue to purse opportunities that relate to these fields throughout all four years of high school. Everyone’s journey will look different, but some students may wish to look into specialized summer programs, advanced after-school offerings and online courses that relate to their interests.

Find Your Voice
Writing a compelling personal statement is another important component of the college admissions process. If you wish to improve your essay writing skills in time for perfecting your college application essays, add memoirs to your reading list. The more you read independently, the easier it will be to pinpoint and define your own personal voice. Instead of waiting until senior year, practice free writing and drafting essays ahead of time so you feel prepared for college applications.

Every student should take advantage of the New Year to set academic goals for 2020. If you are looking for personalized help to achieve these resolutions, our team can help you succeed.



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