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Friday, March 20, 2020

AdobeStock_322299419Learn How to Stay Academically Engaged Even When School is Out of Session

While many schools are switching to online learning this spring, it’s important to continue to stay academically engaged even after you’ve logged off.

Not sure where to turn for educational resources now that some of your classes are on hold due to the coronavirus pandemic? There are a number of educational companies that are offering their resources for free to help students continue to learning during this unusual time. Here are some of our picks for enrichment opportunities for high school students that use podcasts, video lectures and other learning tools that can help you. As an added bonus, all of these are free resources, so there’s no excuse not to give them a try.
Looking to take your English vocabulary skills to the next level? has free apps for iPhone and Android users with more than 2 million definitions and synonyms. In addition to adding new words to your repertoire, the app also includes grammar tips to make sure you’re using your new lingo correctly.

If something numbers-oriented is more your thing, look no further than CoolMath to stay sharp and engaged while school is out of session. The website offers free access to math lessons and interactive games for ages “13-100”. There is a diverse range of topics to explore, including everything from pre-calculus to algebra and geometry.

Active History
History buffs will appreciate the opportunity to listen in to new online courses and brush up on their knowledge of an array of eras and times periods. British educator Russell Tarr offers up a multitude of different resources, including interactive simulations, online games, and quizzes, all of which can be used to add some spice to online learning. 

Doodles Academy
If you’re looking to flex your creative muscles during your time off from school, Doodles Academy might be the resource for you. Doodles Academy is a free online curriculum available virtually that provides authentic art experiences for students of all ages. Each project includes video tutorials and lesson plans so students receive plenty of instruction throughout their experience. Projects align with themes explored in other classes including math, social studies, and science, meaning students will be building cross-functional knowledge simultaneously.

Lemonade Stand
Lemonade Stand is a fun way to get a taste of entrepreneurship and start honing some of the skills you will need to launch your own business. Designed for students ages 10-16, the platform is the perfect opportunity to explore how it feels to take charge and build something entirely your own from the ground up. First time users have the opportunity to give Lemonade Stand a free trial run for a two week period.

Kialo Edu
Looking to experiment with debate? Already a seasoned public speaker who is interested in staying sharp and prepared for your next engagement? Either way, Kialo Edu is a fun and interactive platform designed to teach critical thinking and facilitate group discussions online. There are multiple instruction documents and videos, so users can get up to speed quickly and start honing their skills in no time. 

Population Education
Future policymakers and urban planners will gravitate towards Population Education, which is designed to explore topics related to human population change and the topics that are impacted by this. Expect to learn more about natural resource use, environmental sustainability, equity, well-being, and more and have fun doing it. The resource is designed for students in grades K-12, meaning there’s something for every skill level and age. 

It can certainly be an adjustment to transition from your regular coursework to independent learning activities, but students should take advantage of every resource at their disposal to stay sharp during this break. If you are looking for more ideas on how to stay engaged, get in touch with our team of college admissions experts.



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