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Thursday, July 16, 2015

College Essay ResourcesHere are Some Resources to Help You Get Started on Your College Application Essays

The August 1 Common Application open date is just around the corner, but many colleges have already released their 2015-16 college essay prompts. For many students, the summer can be a great time to get a head start on their college essays before the school year starts. If you’re already working on your college applications, there are many resources out there that can help you craft a great essay before you’re able to meet with your college counselor this fall.
The most important thing that you can do when writing your college application essay is to be yourself! Don’t write what you think the college wants you to say. Be genuine, thoughtful, detailed, and, most importantly, reveal something about yourself that the admissions office wouldn’t otherwise know from the rest of your application. The purpose of the essay is to help colleges get to know you better.
In addition to the traditional personal statement, colleges might also utilize more targeted prompts that specifically ask you to write about your intended major, why you want to attend that particular college, and more. Again, in these essays it’s imperative that you’re detailed and provide specific examples, but also stay true to yourself and your goals.
Here are some great resources on college application essays to help you get a head start on your writing this summer.
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