How to Make the Most of the Back-to-School Season

Thursday, August 13, 2020

Start the Back-to-School Season on the Best Note Possible

It’s safe to say that for many students, this year’s back to school season will be unlike any other. With many colleges and high schools offering remote or hybrid learning options, students may not be reuniting with their classmates face-to-face as they have in previous years. 

While going back to school during the pandemic will have a different feel, that doesn’t mean that students shouldn’t make the most of it. Keep reading to learn how to get excited about the return to coursework and kick off your academic year on the best note possible.

Set Goals

Before classes begin, set aside some time to prepare for the upcoming year and get in the right mindset. Although some students may not be physically setting foot inside a classroom, the start of school symbolizes a new chapter and exciting opportunity to learn and grow. Create your own set of resolutions for the back-to-school season that aligns with your long-term goals. Identify any challenges you faced previously and brainstorm potential steps you can take to arrive at a solution. Create measurable goals that you can refer back to throughout the school year to reflect on your progress.

Create a New Routine

The beginning of the school year also comes with a change in routine. Even if you participated in online classes over the summer break, take advantage of the change in seasons to optimize your daily agenda. Most classes start relatively early in the day, so pay extra attention to your morning rituals. Set aside at least one hour before your first school commitment to wake up, review your schedule and goals, eat breakfast, and shower and prepare for the day. Even if you’re attending virtual classes, make an effort to get dressed and work in a designated study space. These small environmental changes can help serve as a reminder that it’s time to shift gears and get in the zone for peak productivity.

Celebrate with Friends

Normally, many students look forward to heading back to school to catch up with peers they didn’t have a chance to see over the summer. While it may not be possible to connect with your classmates in the cafeteria or library, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate the start of the school year with the people you are closest to. Create an online catch-up session via FaceTime or Zoom to learn what your friends have been up to over the summer and prepare for the upcoming school year together. 

Reflect on Your Progress

The back to school season is a built-in time for students to reflect on their academic progress. In addition to setting goals, take a moment to review how your coursework went last year. For many students, transitioning to online learning in the middle of the school year may have felt challenging. Give yourself time to acknowledge those feelings and review any changes to your study habits that may have come as a result. 

Get Excited for What’s to Come

In addition to reflecting, it’s time for students to look ahead and get excited about what the future holds. Whether that’s the opportunity to take a class with your favorite teacher or professor or the chance to explore a new field that you’ve always been curious about, make a list of what you’re most excited about this year. Whenever disappointment or uncertainty sets in, refer back to these notes to weave some positivity into your day.
Although the back-to-school season has a different meaning this year, students should focus on the opportunities available to them and get excited for the upcoming year. If you are preparing to go back to school and searching for personalized advice, our team of college admissions counselors can help you make the most of it.

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