How Parents Can Support Students During Remote Learning

Thursday, May 14, 2020

AdobeStock_235857403Make the Most of Time Spent Social Distancing with Your Kids

For students who are used to juggling coursework, extracurricular activities, and time spent with friends, the transition to remote learning has proven extremely challenging. While every student will react to all this time at home differently, parents can play a powerful and important role in helping students make the most of this experience.

Set your children up for success by striking the right balance between activities that will keep them busy and opportunities to relax and reflect. Curious what that might look like? Keep reading to learn some of our top recommendations and activity ideas to pursue during quarantine.

Get Moving
Everyone can benefit from the feel-good powers associated with physical activity. Whether it’s gym class or an after-school sports practice, most students get ample movement during a standard day. Encourage a similar level of physical activity by carving out opportunities for your student to explore movement. It can be helpful to lead by example; if your student sees that you set aside time for daily workouts, they are likely to follow suit.

Don’t Discount the Power of Breathwork
During this period of disruption, it’s natural for everyone to feel a bit stressed out. Simple breathing exercises can have a dramatic impact on students’ anxiety levels. There are a multitude of free apps that students can download to explore different techniques in breathing and meditation. Consider testing out Breathing Zone, Relax, Prana Breath, and Breathe2Relax as starting points.

Create a Screen Curfew
Between keeping up with friends and checking social media, many students are glued to their phones. However, too much screen time can make it difficult for students to unwind, get quality sleep, and stay focused on other activities such as studying and coursework. Encourage your student to unplug at least 1-2 hours before bedtime so they have adequate time to recharge.

Develop a New Routine
Students are used to getting to school, completing extracurriculars, and doing homework. While their activities may be modified, maintain some level of consistency by encouraging your student to stick to a schedule. Sit down with your student and map out an agenda for the week. Include when they will wake up, coursework and study time, as well as slots for independent projects and physical activity. Discourage spending the entire day in bed and instead, create a makeshift school desk, complete with all of the supplies and resources your student will need throughout the day.

Level Up Independent Reading
Students should always read independently, but now is the perfect opportunity to expand their literary horizons. Create a book list (or peruse our selections) and work through completing these texts together. Set aside time to discuss each book and choose what is next on your reading list.

Stay in the Know
The more students know about different prospective college options, the better. Take advantage of any additional free time by encouraging your teenager to attend virtual college tours, which are available on most university’s websites. Additionally, students can monitor the social media feeds of various institutions to learn more about what’s available on each campus.

Learn a Language Together
Many students are enrolled in foreign language classes in school. Consider using extra time at home to deepen this practice or begin learning a new language together. Whether it’s lessons on Duolingo or watching your student’s favorite movie in the language they are studying, get creative to level up immersion efforts.

Transitioning to staying home can prove challenging, but it’s also an opportunity to connect with your student and encourage them to explore new learning experiences. If you are looking for personalized guidance for your student, our team of college admissions experts are here to help.

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