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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

School The World.jpgIvyWise Will Travel to Guatemala With School the World in March to Build an Elementary School

IvyWise, along with Flywire and Envisage International, has partnered with School the World and will be traveling to Guatemala this March to build a school and playground with the aim of expanding educational access in one of the country’s neediest communities.

At IvyWise we believe that educational support is important at any age and that making a positive impact, on your local community and in the world, is essential to building a better future for children everywhere. It is in that spirit that we decided to partner with School the World as part of our IvyWise Gives Back initiative and work with them to bring education to children who need it the most.

What We’re Doing

In March, seven members of the IvyWise team, along with 14 other member of the Flywire and Envisage International teams, will travel to a small community outside of Antigua to build a new elementary school and playground. The money we’re raising will cover materials for the build, supplies for the school, training for parents and teachers, and our travel. While our physical presence in Guatemala will only be for a week, we will continue to support and fundraise for School the World throughout the year, with the goal of continuing their mission and participating in future builds.

IvyWise School the World Team.jpg

What is School the World?

School the World, founded in 2009, is a nonprofit that operates with the goal of providing access to quality education to those living in the rural villages of Central America. Since starting, School the World has built 53 primary schools, trained 255 teachers, and enrolled 6,464 students in Honduras and Guatemala.

At IvyWise we stress the value of impact. It’s important to dedicate time and energy to ensuring the success of your initiatives – not participate once and never think about it again. That’s what makes School the World so impactful is they don’t just show up, build a school, and then move on to the next place leaving the community without support. School the World spends years developing relationships with the communities and local government they build in, and after the school is built they stay for years providing support, parent and teacher training, and more to ensure the success of the school for classes to come.


How You Can Help

We’re still fundraising for our trip in March, so please visit our donation page to learn more about this project with IvyWise and School the World, and to make a contribution if you wish!

IvyWise School the World Fundraising Page

We are delighted to be a part of such an impactful endeavor that aligns with our passion for education, and will provide updates throughout the fundraising initiative, the actual journey to Guatemala, and the completion of the project.

Be sure to follow IvyWise on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for updates on our project, and follow the #EnviFlyWiseSTW hashtag to see posts from the entire team before, during, and after the build!

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