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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

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Gap years have been growing in popularity in the US for some time now, but with the announcement that First Daughter Malia Obama will take a year off before attending Harvard with the Class of 2021, there’s a revived interest in gap years and their benefits.

There are many reasons why students choose to take gap years. For those who have already gone through the admissions process and been accepted to colleges, taking a year off before enrolling is often encouraged. Some colleges even offer university-sponsored gap year programs for students, like Princeton’s Bridge Year program and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Global Gap Year Fellowship. These programs are often a great way for students to travel, volunteer, and gain some global experiences before heading into the classroom.

For others, a gap year can be a chance to recharge, gain work experience, or reevaluate their college options after an unsuccessful admissions experience.

What are the benefits? Some studies have shown that students who take a gap year come to campus more prepared for the rigors of college and often perform just as well or better in the classroom than their peers who didn’t take a year off. Gap year students are often come to college more mature, prepared, and focused.

No matter what your reason for considering a gap year, make sure you know all of your options and which path is the best-fit for your needs and goals.

Here are some gap year resources to help you better assess whether or not a gap year is a good option for you!

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School-Sponsored Gap Year Programs

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American Gap Association

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Additional Resources

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