ED II Decisions: How to Prepare for All Outcomes

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Fotolia_103500913_Subscription_Monthly_M-2ED II decisionsStudents Who Applied ED II To Their Top-Choice Colleges Should Prepare For All Outcomes

Many ED II decisions for the class of 2022 will be released this week, with students finding out if they were accepted, rejected, or deferred at their top-choice colleges. Here’s what students need to do one they learn of their decisions.

What Is ED II?

The second early decision round, or ED II, is the same as early decision just with a later application deadline and later notification date. Students who apply early decision II commit to attending the college or university if accepted, so the pledge is just as binding as applying in the ED I round. Just like with regular ED and ED I, the applicant pools are smaller, and the admission rates tend to be higher than in the regular decision round, but the ED applicant pools are highly competitive.

If You’re Accepted ED II…

Congratulations! All of your hard work has paid off, and you now have a spot at your top-choice university! Take some time to celebrate. Next, you will need to withdraw any regular decision applications that you have submitted since applying ED II.

Remember, the only way to terminate your ED II commitment is to prove that the financial aid you received is not enough to allow you to attend. If you encounter problems with your financial aid offers, be sure to contact the university immediately.

If You’re Rejected In the ED II Round…

Receiving a rejection is tough, especially if it was your top-choice college or university. Take some time to process the decision and then make an appointment with your college counselor to discuss your options. Hopefully, you submitted a number of regular decision applications before the deadlines, so you will receive additional admissions decisions come March. Plan to make some additional visits to your regular decision schools if possible to refresh your memory and help you make an informed decision about where to attend once your regular decisions come in.

If You’re Deferred After Applying ED II…

A deferral can be confusing and disappointing, but you shouldn’t lose hope! Your application will be evaluated again in the regular decision round, and you’ll get another shot at getting in. If the school allows, send some additional materials that can provide more context to your applicant profile. Express your continued interest in attending and update the admissions office on what you’ve been doing in the time since you submitted your ED II application. You should have submitted a number of regular decision applications already, so continue to evaluate those schools and visit again if possible to help you choose where to attend once all your decisions come back in March.

Good luck to those learning of their ED II decisions this week! If you need additional guidance on how to handle a rejection or deferral decision, contact us today for more information on how our team of expert counselors can assist you.

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